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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does it Work?

The Open Championship Series offers a variety of competition styles to meet the needs of your program. We offer four end of season, destination-style events that do not require a bid! You can earn credits off of your Open Registration when you compete at Open Championship Series Qualifiers!

If some of your elite teams are looking for a bid invite, elimination-style competition, we also offer the Allstar World Championship! Earn bids at Open Championship Series Qualifier events!

What is a Value Qualifier?

Value Qualifiers offer lower entry fees, lower spectator costs, and less production. 

What are Regions?

There are 12 Regions across the United States. Each region has a variety of value and premium qualifier events hosted by your favorite brands. You can choose to compete in your region or another region. The choice is yours! We proudly offer a list of qualifier competitions by region to help you plan your schedule quickly and easily.

Do I Have to Compete in My Region?

The Open Championship Series is based on the foundation of choices. Attend a value qualifier event or premium qualifier event in the region of your choice! Compete locally in your region or attend an event in another region. The choice is yours. We have hundreds of events offered across the country by your favorite event producers. And at every competition, you earn credits towards your end of season Championship event! You can even choose where to compete for your Championship event! With four different Championships to choose from, create a different end of season event experience every season!

What is a Premium Qualifier?

Premium Qualifiers have mid-range entry fees, mid -level spectator fees, and more production. 

What are Credits?

Every time you compete, every athlete earns credits towards registration for the Open Championship of your choice. Your credits grow with the more events you attend! Credits are then deducted from the entry fees towards the Open Championship of your choice!

Is this Just Another Competition? Why are you Different?

We are not just another competition. The Open Championship Series model was created by Industry Professionals after listening to the concerns of gym owners, coaches, parents, and athletes. Collectively, everyone wants their athlete to cheer or dance and work towards an end goal. But everyone needs a sustainable solution that is affordable, provides choices, and fits the needs of every program. The Open Championship Series model delivers those solutions to allow for more competition and increase competition! The way we’re doing it now isn’t working – for the parent, for the athlete, for the gym owner. The Open Championship Series brings back choices, variety, and affordability!

The Open Championship Series is proud to offer the following:

1. Superb Customer Service

2. “Athlete First” Judging and LIVE Score Check

3. Affordable and Realistic Registration and Travel Options for our Open End of Year Events

4. Free Live Streams to our End of Year Events


The cost of cheerleading and dance has gone up and up and doesn’t look to be coming down anytime soon. Athletes, parents, and gyms are growing concerned.

Now there is a solution to help athletes continue cheering and dancing year after year!





With the costs of cheerleading on the rise, we need to reimagine cheerleading and dance events to give gyms, parents, and athletes more choices!

The Open Championship Series is comprised of hundreds of qualifier events in twelve regions from your favorite event producers. Compete in your region, or travel a little bit farther to a different region. It’s up to you!

Compete at two different types of qualifier events: Value Qualifiers or Premium Qualifiers. Value Qualifiers offer lower entry fees, lower spectator costs, and less production. Premium Qualifiers have mid-range entry fees, mid -level spectator fees, and more production.

Earn credits every time you compete at those qualifiers! Those credits are applied towards an Open Series Championship End-of-Year-Event! There are 4 different Championships across the nation that offer a destination location experience! Compete at an Open Championship close to home or travel a little bit farther! The choice is yours!

Interested in an end-of-year elimination-style competition? The Open Championship Series also offers the Allstar World Championship! Teams can earn paid and partial paid bids to the Allstar World Championship at our Qualifier events!  


After you compete, your team will be nationally ranked each week and awarded credits. Come back every week to see if where your team ranks in your division across the nation! At the end of the season, the top teams will be awarded prizes!


Cheerleading and Dance has reached a critical point in our industry. As prices and costs continue to rise, we created the Open Championship Series competition model to create solutions to all the pain points many are experiencing. The Open Championship Series offers affordable competitions that meet the needs of any size gym! Teams can earn credits to your choice of Open Championship or Teams can earn paid and partial paid bids to the Allstar World Championship! Five different Championships are offered all over the country – which brings back choices to fit the needs of every gym! Create a different Championship experience every year by traveling to different Open end-of-year events! And weekly, real time National Rankings help keep the competitive spirit alive as you compete during the season!