November 8, 2022 – The Open Championship Series is excited to announce it has renewed its official partnership with Glitterstarz, Inc.

The two organizations are both committed to joining forces to offer innovative solutions to gym and studio owners, athletes and families nationwide. The aim of the continued partnership is to amplify the overall success of the spirit industry as a whole – from consumers to producers.

“The Open Championship Series stands firmly on creating the things that haven’t existed in our industry that should.” said Heidi Weber, Open Championship Series Executive Director of Operations. “Continuing our partnership with GlitterStarz aids us in doing this by providing additional resources to the athletes we serve.”

Along with previously established incentives and credits for Open Championship Series and GlitterStarz customers, the renewed partnership will offer communication and planning resources for industry leaders, training for industry professionals and select sponsored events to magnify the event experience.

“Since the kickoff of our collaboration in 2019, we’ve been able to provide practice wear, uniforms and other apparel to Open Championship Series participants who wouldn’t normally have access to our products,” said GlitterStarz Founder Liz Scumaci. The goal for the upcoming season is to provide that three-fold. Increased exposure for all involved. That’s what this is all about.”

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About GlitterStarz, Inc.

Founded in 2006 by Liz Scumaci, GlitterStarz is known for their intricate and beautiful designs and high quality materials. With a goal to ‘make the world sparkle… one athlete at a time,’ GlitterStarz designs and manufactures uniforms, warmups, practice wear, accessories and apparel for the cheer and dance industry and is well-known for their incredible rhinestone designs and affordable prices.

About The Open Championship Series

In 2019, a group of event producers joined together to create the Open Championship Series after realizing the cheerleading industry needed solutions to ever-growing prices, lack of choices, and limited championship options. The Open Championships offers options for events that fit the needs of everyone, no matter the program size. Choose between value qualifier events and premium qualifier events in twelve different regions at hundreds of events put on by your favorite brands. The Open Championship Series – Choices. Solutions. Reimagined.