The weekend is here! And that means we get to enjoy Open Championship Qualifier Events!!

The Open Series Corporate offices are excited to announce a new offering: FAST TRACK!!!

This is a BRAND NEW program that certain event producers have chosen to participate in with the Open Championship Series.

So what is FAST TRACK?!

FAST TRACK is a program that allows participating event producers to choose one team per event to go straight to the OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP of their choice!

Here’s how it works:

The following event companies are currently participating in the FAST TRACK program:

  • Deep South
  • Redline Cheer and Dance
  • Rockstar Championships
  • Celebrity Cheer & Dance
  • Stakked Events


Make sure to declare acceptance for FAST TRACK eligibility at your event this weekend!

Can’t find your event producer on the FAST TRACK list?! If you can’t find your event producer on the list, make sure to reach out to them and tell them you want your event to participate in the FAST TRACK program!

FAST TRACK excludes the Open Championship at Universal Studios, Florida.